A steampunk-like rocket launch

NASA’s Image Of The Day gallery contains many photographs of interest to followers of space travel and the like (even aspiring SF authors like yours truly).  On May 28th the latest flight in the Expedition series to the International Space Station launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.  The next Image Of The Day was this photograph of the launch.

A small reproduction like that can’t do justice to the scene.  You’ll find the NASA original here, where you can also download it in its original size of 5,006×3,744 pixels (an amazing 100 times greater area than the image above, and great for screen wallpaper).  In the full size image, the steelwork of the launching platform has an eerie, almost steampunk-like look in the glare of the rocket exhaust.  It’s quite fascinating.  Kudos to the photographer, Bill Ingalls, who captured the moment perfectly.


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  1. You're not an "aspiring SF author." You're an SF author; you have written and published an SF novel. (Hopefully a good one; it's on my spike.) Hold your head high.

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