A tip o’ the hat to Crimson Trace

Now and again I run across excellent customer service, so good that I have to acknowledge it publicly.  I’ve just received such treatment from Crimson Trace Corp. (‘CTC’), manufacturers of laser sights for firearms.

For my recent birthday I received a set of CTC LG-320 Lasergrips to fit a SIG P220 pistol.  Unfortunately, while I used to own a P220, I don’t any longer:  and the person who gave me the grips had already left for the sandbox, where he’s been too busy to answer my e-mails.  I couldn’t find out where he’d bought the grips, so I couldn’t ask the dealer to exchange them.

I contacted CTC’s customer service department to ask for their assistance.  Molly T. was very helpful.  She advised that the company normally expected such exchanges to be done through the selling dealer, but in this case they were willing to make an exception.  She gave me a return number, and I sent the LG-320 grips back to CTC and exchanged them for a set of LG-314 Lasergrips to fit a Smith & Wesson ‘N’ frame round butt revolver.

LG-314 Lasergrips (image courtesy of Crimson Trace Corp.)

I’ve already installed the LG-314’s on my recently-acquired ‘Mountain Gun’.

CTC didn’t have to do this, but went out of their way to help a customer.  I think service that good deserves a shout-out.  Thanks, Molly, and thanks, Crimson Trace.  I’ll be buying from you again soon.



  1. CTC is good people, running a good business. I've got several CT lasergrips on student guns. Every time I've contacted them they've been very helpful, and their assistance to NRA-Certified Instructors is very much appreciated.

  2. How come no one ever adds proper accessory rails to revolvers? There's plenty of room underneath the barrel, and it's solid steel. It seems obvious that you could do it, but no one ever does.

    I get that most revolver holsters are made with the assumption that it will be a particular shape in front, but so are semiauto holsters made with the assumption that there won't be anything on the accessory rail.

  3. @Steffen: It's a nice pistol. I moved away from it to standardize on a single type of pistol for defensive use, but I have nothing against it.

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