A very hairy landing indeed

This CityJet BAe 146 jetliner had a torrid time trying to land in Cork, Ireland, a few days ago during a severe crosswind. Watch the video in full-screen mode for best results.

I’m very glad I wasn’t aboard that one!



  1. My first thought was that anyone was still flying that BAE146 POS.
    I did some checking:
    City Cork ICAO EICK main runway is 17/35 with a magnetic heading of 165/345 degrees. It is 6998 feet long (2133 meters).
    The BAE 146 POS has a crosswind limitation of 35 knots.
    The wind throughout the day at EICK averaged 20 mph, max wind speed was 37 mph and a max gust of 60 mph.
    The wind direction throughout the day was around a direct crosswind for rwy 17/53.
    So, it looks to me that our intrepid aviator crew probably flew an approach right at the max crosswind and possibly well above it. At least they had the good judgement of go around.

  2. What was that show…Air Alaska? They were shown making landings like quite often in much smaller planes. Makes me glad I don't rely on commuter planes to get around.

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