A wood-burning motorcycle???

I’ve heard of wood-burning cars before – they were common in Europe during World War II – but I’d never before heard of a wood-burning motorcycle!  This video clip shows the whole sequence of fueling it, starting the fire, and getting it ready to ride.

So much for Harley-Davidson being ‘old technology’!



  1. It is a Ural. Having a sidecar makes the woodgas generator workable. But I've seen video of one mounted on the back!


  2. What is kind of bizarre is that back in the early 1900's, H-D had the highest tech race bikes in the world. Overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder. No one could compete against them. At some point, they shelved the technology, and turned into the stodgy old bike company that most people knew for the rest of the century.
    Only good thing that could be said for them was they managed to stay in business here in the US, while every other US maker eventually failed.

  3. Can anybody provide an explanation via step by step procedure with the appropriate diagrams?.

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