Adam4d nails the false flag of bigotry

Cartoonist Adam4d absolutely nails the false flag waved by so many SJW’s, who label as ‘bigots’ all who disagree with them.

I’m not going to steal his thunder by copying his cartoon here – it’s a six-cartoon panel, actually – but I urge you to click over there to read it for yourself.  He’s good.



  1. Very, very true. Whenever I point that out to people, that tolerance must be a two-way street, the left-wing bigots just shout BIGOT/HATER/FUNDIE/NAZI all the more stridently. They really don't get it, because they don't want to get it. They have to much of their world-view wrapped up in their warped view, and anything contrary must be shut out.

  2. Thanks for sharing the webcomic Peter. Adam is smack on target. I particularly liked today's (though the bigot cartoon made me laugh and nod agreement.)

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