Airplane graveyards

Environmental Graffiti has an excellent photo gallery of what it calls the ‘10 Most Incredible Airplane Graveyards on Earth‘. Here are a few examples to whet your appetite.

There are many more pictures at the link. Very interesting viewing for aviation buffs.

(The first picture above is easy to identify, and the second relatively simple; but the third might stump those who don’t know their strategic bomber history. If you can’t name it, see here.)



  1. Yeah, B-58 production version, the give away is the three opening on top the fuselage for ejecting the crew. This aircraft carried a crew of 3 and the per-production aircraft they escaped in a huge pod (kind of like the F-111 would do later) but that was abandon in the production run in favor of individual ejection capsules.

    Great looking aircraft. I'd love to get me a chunk of one to add to my collection of aviation 'debris' so to speak.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

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