Aloha Snack Bar: an update

Two weeks ago I asked for your support on behalf of Jonathan LaForce, a former Marine who’s trying to establish a truck-based barbecue business to earn a living for his family while he starts on a writing career.  He’s running a KickStarter campaign to get things going.  As of this morning, he’s almost two-thirds of the way to his goal – $9,677 raised out of $15,000 needed.

I’d really like to see Jonathan succeed, because I have a very personal perspective on his efforts.  Ten years ago a neurosurgeon told me that I would be permanently partially disabled, I’d never be able to work at a ‘normal’ job again, and I should resign myself to living on disability benefits for the rest of my life.  I decided on the spot that I’d never do that, and began teaching myself the craft of fiction writing.  I’m now earning my own living once more, no longer 100% dependent on handouts from the public purse – which gives me immense satisfaction.  It’s therefore no surprise that I support and encourage those who seek to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and earn their own living.  Jonathan LaForce is one such person, and I commend him for that.

Jonathan’s also been included in the final episode of Declan Finn’s ‘Puppy SWATting’ blog posts, which we’ve mentioned here before.  (Miss D. and I appeared in Episode XI.)  Here’s Jonathan’s entry.

Logan, Utah

[SWAT trots up walkway, stops dead at the door.  They are hit with the smell of barbecue.  SWAT #1 looks over at the other team members, thinks it over, waves everyone to lower their muzzles.  SWAT #1 knocks on the door.]

[Jonathan “Gunny Mormon” LaForce answers, decked out in his tactical apron]  Can I help you guys?

[SWAT #1]  We had a report of a guy waving a gun around?

[JF rolls his eyes] I’ve been cooking all day.  Gotta get the snack bar up and running.  As for my gun … [JF turns to one side, showing the cops his gun, securely on his hip, the holster strap still over it]  Now, if you guys are done, I have to get back to my business. Ribs need cooking.

[SWAT #1 frowns]  Mind if we join you for lunch? We were about to call in before we were told to roll out.

[JL chuckles] I guess.  You know, I’m the son of an LAPD officer. The guy who walked me through my enlistment process was a former marine turned SWAT officer.

[Female voice from inside.]  Honey, are you done yet? These canning jars won’t fill themselves!

[JL smiles, the chuckle turns slightly evil] As for lunch, sure fellas, come on in.

[SWAT steps inside, making sure to wipe their feet. A blonde woman steps out of the kitchen and gives a broad grin to her guests.]  Oh, Jonathan! You brought help.  Everyone, into the kitchen! We have a hundred jars to fill before the ribs!

[SWAT looks at each other like they were suckered.  They take a deep breath, smell the ribs, and they all trudge into the kitchen, willing to work for their lunch]

[JL chuckles] If this is what it’s like, I should get SWATted more often.

There’s more at the link.  I still think Jonathan looks like a shaved, younger version of Gimli in that picture . . .

Be that as it may, I’d really like to see Jonathan succeed in this venture.  Please, dear readers, would you consider contributing to his KickStarter campaign?  Give enough, and you’ll get free BBQ ribs for up to a year, delivered right to your doorstep.  There’s an incentive for you!



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