Always read the fine print!

A Reddit poster shows us why the fine print in a contract is so important.  His landlord sent him his lease by e-mail, in MS Word format (which was editable) rather than a non-editable format like Adobe Acrobat (.PDF).  Realizing this, the tenant made ‘a slight change’ to his lease before signing it . . . and his landlord didn’t catch it.  Now he says he’s going to hold his landlord to it.

(Click the image for a larger view)

The comments from readers are a lot of fun, too.



  1. I have successfully altered a lease and held the landlord to the change. The agent quoted me a figure for the pet deposit; the lease said something different. I struck the written figure and inserted what was quoted. Several months later, the manager called me for the rest of the fee. I said no. She said I had to; I told her to call corporate counsel. That was the last I heard from her, though I did earn a spot on the management company's blacklist for my troubles.

  2. Somebody's getting a sugar-free cake with carob icing for their birthday.

    In contracted, specificity is key

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