Ambulance Driver tells it like it is

My fellow blogger and meatspace buddy Ambulance Driver has a hell of a post up at his blog.  It’s not for the queasy or faint-hearted.  It deals with the reality of death and destruction that EMS professionals must face every day.  I’ve faced a little of that myself, as a volunteer with St. John Ambulance in South Africa during my younger years, but nothing like the professionals have to cope with every day.

If you’re prepared to face reality, go read it . . . and then, if you have teenage kids of your own or friends who have them, get them to read it as well.  You may have to clean up their vomit afterwards, but I think it’ll be worth it.

Thanks, AD.  That must have been hell for you to write, but I hope you’ve opened some eyes by doing so.  As for those who died . . . may their sins be forgiven them, and their souls rest in peace, and their families find what comfort they may.



  1. That was a stunning piece of writing. Having lived that, on a regular basis, I can say, it could not have been told any better.

  2. And, a while later that day, a cop or a gentleman from the coroner's office will walk up to the parent's house. "Hello, are you Mr. & Mrs. X? I've got some bad news for you."

    And after that, for the survivors, a long and sorrowful slog through the various things that need to happen after a death. There'll be an autopsy. And a police report. And toxicology, which may delay the release of the body.

    Been there.

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