Another beautiful piece from Lindsey Stirling

We’ve met violinist Lindsey Stirling in these pages several times before.  Here’s her latest release, ‘Master of Tides‘, from her new album ‘Shatter Me‘.  I recommend watching it in full-screen mode – with the volume turned up.

She’s developed a remarkable following in her independent music career.  As an independent author, I can only applaud her success;  and as a fan, I love her work!  See her Web site and her YouTube channel for more information.



  1. I heart that girl. I keep sending her marriage proposals but all I get back are restraining orders. I'm thinking that there's a communication problem here somewhere.

  2. I've been a fan since you posted the first link to her music. My daughter is a fan now too! She's very talented. Piers can eat his heart out now!

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