Another musical blast from my past

I’ve mentioned South African rock group Rabbitt before.  Today I came across another of their songs that I recall from my younger days, and it made me smile.  It’s an odd recording;  the sound begins 26 seconds into the recording, and when it ends at 4m. 32sec. there’s another four minutes of utter silence.  I’m not sure what the person who uploaded it was thinking of, but it’s the only version of the song on YouTube, so we’re stuck with it.  I’ve tried to code the embedding to avoid those blank bits, but if that doesn’t work for you, adjust the slider with your mouse.

Here, from their album ‘Boys Will Be Boys‘ in 1975, is ‘Hard Ride’.  Trevor Rabin’s father Godfrey (a classical musician) steps up to play the violin.

Ah, memories . . .



  1. There's a site,, that allows you to post the URL, covert it to mp3, and download it. Cool thing is, you can choose the start and stop time and eliminate all the extraneous silence.

  2. Speaking of South African music, I am off to see Johnny Clegg tonight.

    I am not sure how much I will like his newer solo stuff, having been a longtime Juluka fan for whom even later Savuka was starting to sound too "pop", but nevertheless I am still looking forward to seeing him again.

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