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Here’s a small selection of blog posts that have kept me interested and/or amused recently.

Bergheim Follies learns a new word. (Not safe for work, but very funny nonetheless!)

Rev. Paul points us to a local government boondoggle that’s come back to bite them on the ass (or other portion[s] of anatomy, depending on one’s perspective). So much for ‘freebies from the Feds’! Why does this irresistibly remind me of the ‘new’ North Korean cruise liner?

Lawyer With A Gun identifies a judge with a sense of humor. I’ll say!

Warren Meyer, over at Coyote Blog, picks up on the new moonbattish California legislation concerning domestic servants, and wholeheartedly approves. After reading his post, so do I! Talk about ‘sauce for the goose’ . . .

Finally, Tamara is blindsided by Roberta, but it’s too late to undo the mental image, I’m afraid. (The actual image is linked in the comments to Tam’s post. It’s NSFW – to put it mildly! – and more than a little weird . . . but that’s Burning Man for you.)

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for some fun and interesting reading.


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