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There have been quite a few interesting blog posts popping up on my radar recently. Here are some of them.

DaddyBear and Confederate Yankee both post about self-defense-related incidents, providing grim reinforcement (as if reinforcement were needed!) to the need to be in a position to defend yourself anywhere, anytime, if necessary. They also point out the reality that even if the cops are nearby, they may not be able (or willing!) to help you. Go read both reports, and if you aren’t already armed for self-defense, you might want to reconsider your position . . .

JayG notes that the new technique of 3D printing (which we’ve examined on this blog before) can be used to produce your own high-capacity magazines for firearms, and even firearm components. That’ll make the proliferation and circulation of firearms virtually impossible to control, since one can already buy 3D printers for home use. Right now, given some cash and a smidgen of technical knowledge, one can buy such a device and program it to produce firearm parts in a workshop or basement – no background check, no supervision by the authorities, no controls whatsoever. Within a short time, the programs to produce such parts – even complete firearms – will doubtless be available for download over the Internet, so you won’t even have to write the programs yourself.

Nurse K. publishes a letter from a former drug abuser, confirming her many descriptions of how such people try to scam drugs out of ER personnel, and apologizing for past misdeeds. I’m very glad indeed for the individual concerned, that she’s broken away from self-destruction; but there are still far too many such people out there.

Ken at Popehat gleefully tackles a scam artist, and shows us how to unmask such individuals and companies if they try their tricks on us. In order, his articles are:

There will doubtless be more instalments as his investigations continue. Very interesting reading, with many lessons on how these scumbags operate. A heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ to Ken for the service he’s rendering his reading public with this series.

The Old Salt Blog brings us the sad (but funny) story of the USS William D. Porter, a World War II destroyer, and explains why, whenever she met another US Navy ship, the latter would frequently signal, with metaphorical tongue firmly in cheek, ‘Don’t shoot! We’re Republicans!’

The Adaptive Curmudgeon has a guest doggie, which is causing him a certain amount of consternation as he ponders whether he’s becoming poodle-fied.

Joshuapundit ponders the National Popular Vote issue, and labels it ‘The Secret Blue State Plan To Steal The 2012 Elections’. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I do agree that it’s a deliberate attempt to skew the Electoral College. I hope it can be reversed in those states that have adopted it . . . but I suspect the ‘progressive’ wing of US politics will fight that tooth and nail.

Finally, the Flying Pinto has some useful advice about what you need to carry in a small ’emergency’ shoulder bag aboard an airline flight. I’ve flown enough that I’d figured out most of her list for myself, but she mentions some items I hadn’t thought about. Useful information.

In closing, may I recommend to readers with their own blogs that you consider doing something like this ‘Around The Blogs’ feature on a regular basis? I’m always finding articles here and there that intrigue me, and that I’d like to recommend to others. Doing this accomplishes three things at once:

  1. It exposes interesting blogs and bloggers to a wider audience;
  2. It gives you useful blog material, saving you a certain amount of effort to write your own;
  3. It earns you goodwill in the wider blogging community, in the sense that ‘what goes around, comes around’. If you help others reach a wider audience, other bloggers are likely to help you do the same thing.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs linked above. More soon.



  1. 3D printers and firearms: First they came for the Second Amendment. How soon before they're after the First? After all, if a PRINTER can make a firearm component, then that printer is itself a firearm, and must be licensed. Rights have to be controlled.

  2. Hello Peter,
    Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

    If you like this sort of thing, I recommend you check out the Watcher's Council nominations each week on Wednesday for a real 'best of the blogs' sampler.

    There's even a way for you to submit your own blog posts to get them highlighted on the weekly listing.

    All Good Things,
    Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit

  3. Any product such as firearms once having been invented cannot be un-invented.
    The anti-rights types fail to understand this so they keep trying to outlaw a substance rather than the actions of individuals.
    The tool itself is not responsible for a crime, the misuse of the tool by an individual is.
    Paul in Texas

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