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I’ll be traveling next weekend, and may be busy the weekend following that;  so this might be the last Around The Blogs feature for a few weeks.  I’d better make it a good one, then!

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The always interesting Roberta X directs us to the anti-socialist writings of Kenneth Kuhn.  It’s always enjoyable to read a well-argued position.  Thanks, Roberta!  I enjoyed Mr. Kuhn’s article sufficiently to investigate his main Web site, which proved entertaining.  I recommend his parable of the compassionate squirrels (link is to an Adobe Acrobat document in .PDF format).

Roberta also points out that Chicago’s efforts to solve its so-called ‘gun problem’ are misdirected, since the problem is actually gangs, not guns.  Looks like Chicago is hell-bent on duplicating the errors of so many in the past . . . like, oh, say, Germany after the Winnenden shooting.  Again and again and again, politicians make the same mistake:  they blame the instrument, rather than the person wielding it.  Will they ever learn?  Probably not – which is why we need to remember the scary realities of self-defense.  With people like Chicago politicians in charge, the likelihood that we’ll face that reality is becoming stronger all the time . . .

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Speaking of ineffective administrations, it looks like many other cities and districts are as bad as Chicago – at least in terms of education.  Captain Capitalism looks at the cost of schools in terms of ‘houses per pupil’, and calls the result ‘Detroit Math‘.  Your taxes at work . . . NOT!

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Old NFO brings us some truth for mature folks.  This one tripped my giggle-switch:

The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974.  That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

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Two seemingly conflicting perspectives on inflation intrigued me.  Economist Terry Coxon, speaking to Casey Research, points out that there is “built up inflationary pressure that will come roaring out when the economy revives“.  Charles Hugh Smith, on the other hand, says that “There may be new money and credit being created, but very little of it is flowing to households whose spending in the real economy drives inflation“.

Their views may seem contradictory, but in fact they’re not.  Both are correctly pointing out that the current rush to ‘print money’ like there’s no tomorrow must inevitably cause inflation in the long term, but only when that ‘new money’ goes into circulation, rather than being used to prop up bankster balance sheets or write off bad debt.

I’ve lived in a relatively high-inflation economy, in South Africa from the 1970’s through the 1990’s.  It was bad enough living under double-digit inflation.  I suspect that, given the gargantuan, astronomically high numbers the Fed is talking about, that may seem like a happy memory in comparison to what might be coming down the pike at us in due course . . .

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Dustbury demonstrates (in video form) what happens when clicks form a clique.

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Twenty-Two Words, a blog founded by Abraham Piper and now run by him for Abuyo Media,
brings us a wonderfully entertaining series of photographs taken by the self-described ‘World’s Best Father’, Dave Engledow.  Here’s one example.

There are many more (and larger) pictures at the link, and at Mr. Engledow’s Fotoblur page.  Many are guaranteed to make any Child Protective Services bureaucrat reach for his infraction list whilst clutching at his chest, desperately trying to stave off a heart attack!

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The Old Salt Blog brings us a couple of news reports and a very interesting video documentary about the ship-breakers of Alang in India.  The documentary is over an hour long, but engrossing.

Another article there informs us that modern technology has proved unsuccessful in replacing the old-fashioned hemp oakum and pitch caulking materials originally used on HMS Victory during the 18th and 19th centuries.  After fifteen years of trying, the ship’s gone back to the old ways.  (Somehow, I find that hugely satisfying!)

I recommend the Old Salt Blog to all current and former seamen and sailors, and to all interested in the sea and ships.  It makes entertaining reading.

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Commander Zero brings us two articles about how he and his lovely wife have been trying to live according to ‘zero based budgeting’.  Informative and very useful reading, particularly for those of us who don’t have unlimited means.

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Last but by no means least, David McElroy, who describes himself as a ‘Recovering Political Prostitute’, points out that left-wing attempts to co-opt religion in support of their brand of politics are just as bad as those by right-wingers.  I couldn’t agree more!  Money quote:

The Jesus of the Gospels is starkly non-political. He encounters those who He called in very personal ways, calling them to give up the things of this world and follow Him. It’s not just misleading to say that Jesus’ words support the Religious Right or the Religious Left. It’s a lie to make either claim.

There’s no evidence that Jesus supports your coercive state, no matter which political side you fall on. If you’re trying to pretend that your own agenda is God’s agenda, I suspect you’re going to have something far worse to deal with than fighting a political battle. You’re going to have to face God’s wrath for lying about Him.

I oppose the Christian Right and the Christian Left for dragging religion into politics. But as a Christian, I’m far more upset that these deluded people are dragging the evil of the world into the church and pretending that it’s the Good News. That’s not biblical and it gets in the way of the actual Gospel that we Christians are supposed to be spreading.

There’s more at the link.  Worthwhile reading for those of any, all or no religion(s).

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That’s it for this tour of the blogosphere.  More in a few weeks.


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