“Art” be damned – it’s hatred and intolerance of religion

I was disgusted to read reports of a TV series that (graphically) depicts Jesus Christ having sexual intercourse on the night of the Last Supper, and conceiving a child.  Unsurprisingly, protests about the scene have met with a delighted reaction from the producers, ‘with co-producer Seth Rogen simply tweeting: “If this isn’t a good endorsement of [the series], I don’t know what is”.’

I understand there are those who believe that this is nothing more than artistic freedom of expression in action, and not intended as an attack on Christianity and Christian believers.  They are, of course, naive to the point of moral and intellectual blindness.  As proof, I offer this simple test:

Would that series, or one like it using the same production team, depict Mohammed in precisely and exactly the same way?

Of course it (and they) wouldn’t.  They wouldn’t dare, because they know the outraged reaction from the Islamic community would probably result in their deaths.  Similarly, no TV network I know of would dare broadcast such material, for fear of a similar reaction.

That makes the situation clear.  This isn’t artistic expression at all.  So-called “artistic expression” that denigrates only one faith, and would not countenance denigrating another in the same way, is nothing more or less than bias.  The only reason such material is developed and broadcast is because of anti-Christian animus among all involved.  There is no other reason.  Period.

As a Christian, I’m profoundly offended that anyone would produce such material.  However, my reaction will not be one of violence against them.  Instead, I’ll pray for them, that perhaps what small shreds of conscience they have left may yet awaken them to the reality of their deeds, and lead them to remorse.

Nevertheless, I shall also exercise my rights as a consumer, and ensure that not a penny of my money goes to the acting and production team in any way whatsoever, in this series or in anything else they may make.  The same applies to any outlet offering air time to this travesty of entertainment.

I hope and trust that all Christians will adopt the same attitude.  If they wish to denigrate our faith so openly, and so disgustingly, the least we can do is see to it that they pay a price for it.  Note their names, and act accordingly.



  1. Hey Peter;

    There is a quote from Voltaire that states "To Learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." This is it in a nutshell, it is "OK" to slander Christianity, they know that the Christians will not declare a "Fatwa" against you and as far as they are concerned, they don't need the approval of Christian America, they are "multicultural". They don't see the hypocrisy of their statement.

  2. Well said. One of the advantages of capitalism is that it enables people to vote with their wallets.

  3. Yes, I am offended. Yes, it is stuff like this that prompted me to rip the satellite dish off the house four years ago. Yes we should pray for these folks. And we should remember that both judgement and vengeance are provinces of the Lord. I am glad that I won't have to explain writing, producing, or distributing this program to the deity it mocks when I stand before the judgement seat (I'll have a lot of explaining to do for other stuff, of course…).

  4. Yowza, really? This is all the that these media types can think of?
    I'm suprised given the modern LGBTQ? crap they didn't go all the way and have a relationship between Jesus and John misinterpreting "the beloved disciple".

    All I can note is that there will be a day when every knee shall
    bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. And on that day I would NOT want to be them unless they find faith between now and then…

    Not like I wanted to see anything by Seth Rogan anyhow…

  5. Going for edgy and virtue signaling – very Hollywood.

    And they wonder why movie attendance is down…

  6. Perhaps it is time for some Christians to consider selling their garmets and buying swords to use on these people. Probably wouldn't take too many beheadings of producers and directors to insure that Christianity was treated the same as islim.

  7. Tregonsee, sorry, you're late to the picture.

    There is lots of 'discussion' in some gay culture (whatever that is) about the 'beloved disciple' comment and other 'gay' references amongst the apostles.

    Like, just what is 'the keys to the kingdom?' Think about it.

    Sick minds.

    And I am right there on anything with Seth Rogan.

    As to Jesus having sex, well, hrmmmm. As my wife is Jewish (or as I teasingly call it 'pre-Catholic') we have had lots of discussions on Jesus as a Jewish man. Rabbi, first-born son, all of that. Would it change the narrative if Jesus was married, as a rabbi at his age should have been? Does it matter if Jesus was conforming to the sexual mores of his time? I prefer the New Testament being stories about Jesus and his teachings. I don't want it to become a complete biography of everything he did from his first day to his death and after.

    But, as our host points out, if you can play with the paradigm of one holy figure but can't even tell the truth about another, then there's a problem.

  8. Now in fairness it would be difficult to do a film of that nature with Mohammed as the lead.
    Given his predilection for preteen females the movie would run afoul of most countries' regulations about such stuff.

  9. The men behind this show are not Muslim. They do belong to another Middle Eastern religion. According to that noted Neo Nazi website Tablet, "Preacher, for all of its Christian imagery and storylines, is also, in many nontrivial ways, a deeply Jewish show. " also Tablet suggests "Attention parents, teachers, rabbis, and anyone else entrusted with cultivating the spiritual and moral development of the young: Take away your children’s books, ban all homework for a while, sit them down in front of the TV, and make them watch Preacher."

    Wait, Tablet isn't a Neo Nazi website, it is "a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture."



    Like the first poster says, to find out who rules you, find out who you can't criticize. It definitely isn't the Muslims.

  10. If you have a strong stomach, try to watch a 10 minutes of Rogan's "The Night Before" where he tells us what he thinks of Christmas.

  11. Wonder if Christians had to put up with stuff like this when they burned heretics at the stake?

    I'm not saying modern Christians should return to doing such things but it would probably be a good idea to stop focusing on the weapon being used (the movie/tv series) and start focusing on who is making and funding the weapons being used against them. Unfortunately the chances of modern churchianity doing that approaches zero.

  12. Well Pete…LOL… yeah. They hate YOU (referring to Christians in general, not you personally). They hate you with the heat of 1000 suns. They have for the last 15 years at least.
    I think it's because liberalism has so obviously failed and destroyed their families and community. Feminism has produced divorce, broken homes and barren lonely cat women. Homosexuality is a mental illness that is celebrated rather than treated, and they are out for vengeance on the faith. Liberal men tend to be emasculated or philandering chads which makes their women even more hateful. With families like that you end up with ghetto and trailer park culture where nobody's happy. The sight of viable Christian families is salt in their wounds. All they can do is try and wound you too.
    Don't let them! They're trolling you. I just laugh and troll them right back. Trolling is a double edged 'art'.😆

  13. The Christian church will either become militant, both within and without, or it will be swept away. "Turn the other cheek" is not an admonition to accept extinction.

  14. I haven't seen the show, but reading a summary of the plot doesn't make it out to be seem particularly derogatory. Idk why you'd expect a bunch of Jewish guys to make a show about Muslims.

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