1. I remember one year when they were so hot, we got to see Aurora Borealis from Oklahoma! Granted, it was little more than some dim, red bubbling on the northern horizon, but still! As a kid, I hoped to see more than that and kind of missed the point that it was amazing that we could see anything from so far south.

  2. It certainly looks cool sped up.

    About a decade ago I woke up and wondered why it was red in my room. I stumbled out into the cool fall air (in my underwear) to witness the most intense lights I had ever seen.

    The lights were not a spot far on the horizon, but instead half of the sky was lit. I could look to the zenith where the lights started and see dramatic, bright wisps covering a half-dome of sky.

  3. I saw them the first time in northern BC waiting to ride back into to bush on a hunting trip.

    The night sky had a green tint and suddenly it moved! It would remain static for a while then move as if it was alive.

    I have been struck with wonder every time I see it.


  4. When I lived in Montreal I saw them each year. It was awesome. Then, after moving here, to the No CA Foothills, I did see them one time. Not as intense, but a wonderful surprise. Followed me. 🙂

  5. So, I was wondering when the Aurora Borealis is going on does it make noise that you can hear?
    It looks like sheet lighting up there so I was wondering if any noise hits the ground.

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