“Being one with the horse” – from the inside???

I’m completely baffled by this report from Portland, OR.

Washington County investigators have chosen not to file charges in a disturbing incident involving pictures released on the internet of a Portland-area woman and her boyfriend with a dead horse.

The 21-year-old woman told Washington County Sheriff’s Office detectives she wanted to “feel one” with a horse, according to a WCSO incident report.

After the horse had been put down and gutted, the woman undressed and crawled inside the carcass of the dead horse and took pictures to prove it.

“At some point you in your career you say yeah I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff — you see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven’t seen everything, ” said Washington County Sgt. Dave Thompson.

There’s more at the link. Here’s a video report of the incident, but be warned – it’s not safe for work or children!

The photographs taken by the lady (?) and her boyfriend may be seen here, for those interested in them. They’re definitely and emphatically NOT safe for work! There are also more details of the case there.

I’m afraid I simply can’t think of polite enough words and phrases to describe the lady (?) and her boyfriend on a family-friendly blog such as this one. Suffice it to say she’s certainly qualified herself as a moonbat ‘e-mare-itus’ – or should she be classified as a neigh-sayer?



  1. Wow.
    I guess I'll have to give up my "weirdest guy in the room" title. That's not only pretty gross (it can't be hygenic) but pretty loopy. I can see why they pressed no charges though. So long as the animal was killed cleanly, no law has been broken.

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