Big wind

I was interested to see the number of outstanding photographs taken by residents of Hutchinson, KS of the tornado that touched down outside the town on Monday.  This one was posted to Twitter by Hans Mast:

This one, also on Twitter, is from Molly McCollum:

And this fascinating image was taken from 16,000 feet by Chrissy Genova, who posted it on Facebook:

Follow the links for larger versions of the images.  You’ll find more pictures here.

Hutchinson resident Justin Watkins took this footage from his remotely-piloted drone.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

I think he should try flying his drone into the next tornado that happens along, using a camera that can send back the images it captures.  He’ll probably lose the drone forever, but think of the final footage!  He’ll make enough in broadcast rights to buy a whole fleet of drones!



  1. Hi Peter, Nothing to do with wind, I'm afraid. I've just posted a review of 'Take the Star Road' on my WordPress blog Brainfluff and thought you might be interested in reading/reblogging it… I couldn't find you on Twitter, so couldn't let you know there.
    Take care.
    Sarah Higbee

  2. "He'll probably lose the drone forever"
    Probably? HAH! I grew up in tornado country (central Nebraska) and we get several there every Summer. Given how high those winds are, I guar-an-tee that he'll lose it – it may end up in Low Earth Orbit!

  3. Also in twister country. An F5 back in '91 dropped bank records from the local bank two states over, about 400 miles away. I was on ground SAR for that one, we found cars and things many miles from their starting points.

    And yes, if it's not coming right at us we'll stand outside and watch it.

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