1. 2.2 to 2.5 seconds is a good four tire stop in F-1 and in practice the teams have done the four tire stop in 1.9 seconds and some are saying they have done it in less than that.
    It was easier on the tire changers when re-fueling was allowed then they could take their time.
    But the occasional pit fire(s) put a end to the refueling, the cost of the refueling gear and personnel was a factor too.

  2. Without refueling such things can happen more quickly. Ditto when you have three guys per wheel… compare that to NASCAR where far fewer guys are allowed over the pit wall. Instead of three guys per wheel, you have one for the front and one for the back as well as five lugs per wheel (instead of one). At least they give them other guys to carry the old tires away. IndyCar gives one guy per wheel.

    But then, NASCAR and IndyCar have refueling going on at the same time… unless it's a quick top off it takes some time for the fuel to flow into the tank. Barring a miscue by a tire changer they end up waiting on the fuel and not the tires.

    Compared to the US-centric series, F1 practically has a committee meeting around the car.

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