Cat versus dog – place your bets!

Guess who wins?

I guess he won’t be in any hurry to make that mistake again! He’ll be too busy nursing his shredded ego . . . not to mention a few other shredded bits and pieces!



  1. Note that at around the 1:20 mark the cat temporarily loses interest in the dog in order to get a good long look at the cameraman.


  2. The dog's just a young pup and the cat's an old wise feline.

    As we all know,

    Age and cunning will always triumph over youth and innocence.

  3. Also note the dog's posture at about the 1:30 mark. Right then, I knew for sure he'd lose. Until that point, I trying to figure out how old the dog was, because he was showing some serious restraint for an interloper.

    He was far more interested in what this furry thing was, but wasn't interested in fighting unless he had to. The cat had obviously dealt with dogs before, and was only waiting to see what this one was going to do.

    Age and experience beats out and energy any day.

  4. As others have pointed out, this dog was obviously an inexperienced puppy against an older and larger feline. Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of my Siberian Husky, who may have gotten his nose shredded in the process, but would have made short work of this cat nonetheless.

    He had done it more than once to strays that had ventured into "his" territory.

  5. A lot of house dogs who never learned fighting/hunting don't have a lot of fight in them unless cornered. Some dogs won't stand and fight without buddies around.


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