Christmas give-away: a TruGlo red-dot sight

I was recently presented with several older-model TruGlo red dot sights, very similar to the Traditional model shown below.  They’re magnified 2x, with a 2.5 MOA reticle.

I’ve installed most of them on the rifles of disabled and handicapped students, who are enjoying them very much.  However, I have one left with no-one needing it.  It’s unlikely to find a home before Miss D. and I move to another state next month, because I’ve drastically cut back on my training activities.  Therefore, with the permission of the donor, I’m going to offer it as a Christmas give-away to my readers.

All you need to do is either leave a comment on this post, or send me an e-mail (my address is in this blog’s profile) asking me to enter you in the drawing.  US residents only, please, to avoid ITAR complications in sending a red dot sight outside the country.  Make sure you provide a working e-mail address, so that I can contact you if you win.  (If you leave a public comment here, I suggest you disguise the e-mail address from spambots by spelling it out, or something like that.)  I’ll accept entries up until noon on Christmas day, and draw the winner’s name during that afternoon.  I’ll announce it on this blog on Christmas evening, and mail the red dot sight to the winner next week.  (If you wish to remain anonymous, and not be named if you win, please mention that in your entry.)

Good luck to one and all!



  1. Peter – I would like to enter the drawing. My email address is the letters "igli" followed by the numbers 1969 (no spaces) at gmail dot com. And if a spambot can pick that out, good on 'em.

  2. Thanks, i'm at gillpollard at gmail dotcom and can use a good sight as most of mine have iron sights. Happy Christmas!

  3. I'm in, thanks for the opportunity Peter
    che plus mechie at the main Yahoo – I'm sure you know what I mean!
    Merry Christmas and safe packing,

  4. I'm in!
    Happy Holidays
    Enjoy your break, but get back to writing.
    I have $$ to spend on your books.

    Keijo at comcast dot net

  5. Sign my up. I love your blog. And your books are in my to-be-read-soon list.

    Merry Christmas.

    Mykque at Gmail dot com

  6. Peter please enter my name in the drawing. Thanks.
    Carl Burgeson
    (my aforementioned name all lower case

  7. Peter—please include me in the drawing

    aikorob at hot mail dot com

    your blog is on my daily reading list—enjoy all of your postings

  8. although the last thing we need in our tiny house is more stuff-my wife would love a better sight on her AR. I'm in. KnightSamoyed at gmail dot com

  9. I would love to have a good sight so count me in.
    mchodge at mindspring dot com

    And try to stay safe with this bad weather rolling through, we're north of Atlanta, but my in-laws are from north of Nashville and I've been hearing it's pretty bad up there.

    Mike H

  10. Glad I frequent your blog. Great perspective on things and now a prize drawing! Please enter me: at Gmail dot com
    Thanks, Matt

  11. Enter me, please

    s underscore maringer at yahoo dot com

    I have a new shooter I'm introducing to the hobby/sport, and this would help make his day! Thank you.

  12. Very generous of you. This would fit nicely on a present wrapped under out tree! Please enter me:

    tandkgalle at juno dot com


  13. I'm in as well. Looking forward to reading some of your new books this year, and glad you are feeling better. Merry Christmas!!

    spartapoloclub AT g-mail-dot-com

  14. Yes Please, put me in the drawing..

    g and d frey at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much, any .22lr ammo we can take off your hands before you move??? (^8}…

  15. That brought all the lurkers out of the wood work!

    But, put me in. Not sure what I would do with it, but I'm sure I can find it a home

    paul dot e dot boughton at gmail dot com.

    Have a great Christmas.

  16. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Peter. I never win anything, but I'll take a stab at it. +-at-+ lelmore76.

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