Do you need 5.7x28mm ammo?

If so, my local gun shop has a huge amount in stock – 60,000 rounds, according to the sales clerk I spoke with this morning.  It’s FNH’s SS197SR round, topped with Hornady’s 40gr. V-MAX bullet.  Price is currently $22 per 50-round box in the shop, but I’ve no doubt that if you buy a case or two, that can be negotiated.  Shipping is extra, of course.  Just thought I’d mention it, because several folks I know have complained they can’t find 5.7x28mm. ammo easily.

(The gunshop also has several thousand rounds of .22LR in a number of top brands, including CCI MiniMags and Federal’s outstanding Auto Match round, at prices that are very reasonable by today’s standards.  They supplied most of the 10,000-odd rounds of .22LR that I took to our recent Blogorado gathering.)

(I should note that I get no discounts, remuneration or kickbacks for mentioning the shop – I just like good service and good prices, and go out of my way to let friends know about them when I find them.)



  1. I've seen SS197SR on sale online for as low as $17/box – 5.7×28, particularly this and the American Eagle loading are dropping fast in price.

  2. I'm wondering if we'll ever see sub- $40. Bricks of 500 again in my lifetime….or affordable 5,000 Rd. Case lots. (Sigh)

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