Doofus Of The Day #1,094


Today’s award goes to the Russian military commander(s) in Ukraine who decided to test anti-air-raid smokescreens defending the bridge over the Kerch Strait to Crimea . . . without, it seems, thinking of possible consequences.  The War Zone reports:

Russia has deployed a number of countermeasures to the Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Russia and Crimea … On July 1, a smokescreen test was also carried out by Russian forces, with footage of the exercise having been captured by locals attempting to cross the bridge while the aerosol was being dispersed … the smoke quickly enveloped a portion of the bridge, which led to auto accidents caused by poor visibility.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s how it turned out for some of the unfortunate drivers caught in the smokescreen.

Of course, one can put a lot of the blame on the drivers for not slowing down in poor visibility;  but then, judging by the number of crash videos coming out of Russia, they don’t slow down for much at the best of times!  (WARNING:  There are some pretty brutal videos at that link.  Watch at your own risk.)

I wonder whether the Russians will consider that video a demonstration of the smokescreen’s effectiveness, or evidence of poor prior planning by those who tested it?



  1. No one drives in zero visibility like the good folks of the UAE. Sandstorm no problem, don't lift, God will protect us.

    256 accidents later…..

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