Doofus Of The Day #519

Today’s award goes to one ‘Clarkerry’, who seems to have bats in his belfry about my blogbuddy and bestselling author, Larry Correia. He’s accused Larry of being a ‘blatant racist’ who ‘hates white men – but still finds their women hot’.

I’ve worked with Larry on a major firearms forum for many years, followed by more years of blog-friendship. Anyone further from a racist (except, perhaps, myself) would be hard for me to imagine. I therefore thoroughly enjoyed Larry’s response to Clarkerry’s insinuations.

As a politically opinionated novelist and blogger, I get a lot of hate mail, of which I only share the best with you guys. This one in particular really brightened my day.

I suppose this is what I get for being a Wise Latino. (a term stolen from Sonya Sotomeyor, since that was around the same time that I was filling out some EEOC worksheets at my Military Industrial Complex job and discovered that Portuguese was legally considered Latino by the Department of Labor).

I remember sneaking across the border (out of California and into Utah) and crossing the desert (I-15, though I stopped in Vegas for lunch) and how hard it was to find work. (I sat in front of Home Depot and waited for somebody to pull up in a pickup and shout “I need two guys that can do tile and a novelist!”) I’ve been taking all of your good jobs and stealing your white women ever since.

Edward James Olmos is going to play me in the movie.

Clarkerry, you’re a friggin’ idiot. The most racist thing I’ve ever written has been about Elves. My last book was about a heroic white guy from Alabama. If I hated white men then A. I probably shouldn’t choose to live in rural Utah. and B. probably shouldn’t be one.

And please do be careful not to catch your hood on fire at the next cross burning, dumbass.

There’s more at the link.

To make matters even more amusing, many of Larry’s fans (of whom I’m unashamedly one) decided to pile on to the funny. The comment stream to Larry’s post is magnificently comic. Go read the whole thing for a good laugh.



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