Doofus Of The Day #621

The video clip below has been making the rounds on the Internet for the past few days.  A woman tried to ride her motorized scooter up an escalator at the Broadway station of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).  Details may be found here.

What on earth did she think she was doing???  Definitely our Doofus Of The Day, right there!



  1. I agree she's a doofus alright.

    Some are whining: "Oh, that poor old lady, crap".

    Poor old ladies can be doofuses too!

  2. Call me a cynic–this was a calculated event. Now she can sue, because I'm sure nowhere on the on the stickers on the side does it specifically prohibit the use of motorized scooters wheelchair thingies.

    I predict the lawsuit will be filed shortly.

  3. Why did she have a motorized scooter with her level of mobility? More money than sense? A doctor with an open prescription pad? What else is this doctor freely prescribing? And we wonder why our insurance rates are so high!

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