Doofus Of The Day #739

Today’s award goes to the Russian motorist who outfitted his car with the most powerful speakers he could shoehorn into it.  Just watch what the vibration does to his vehicle.  (Please turn DOWN the volume on your speakers and/or the video!)

I don’t see (or hear) how any occupant could escape serious, probably permanent ear damage . . .



  1. It would be interesting to track this vehicle and see what destructs first. I suspect the glass will go at some point, followed by cracks in the sheet metal, assuming his neighbors don't kill him first and torch the car.

  2. I think that's video post production. The video shows a person sitting in the open front passenger seat. And the standing wave induced in the trunk lid, maybe three feet from that person, moves the rigid steel panel of the trunk lid a good half inch and makes it appear almost liquid. I think the sound pressure level needed to do that would physically damage a persons skeleton and far exceed anything a 12v car system could produce… just speculating of course. But I think that's fake.

  3. I've seen similar to that on a car driving down the road.
    The reason that the passenger isn't deafened is because of something discovered by the Physicist Harvey Fletcher. Sounds at 20Hz need to be as much as 70dB louder than sounds in the mid band in order to be perceived as "equally loud". The guy has tuned his sound system to maximize the low frequencies that induce the movement of his car panels and windows, but these are comparatively inaudible to the human hear. (although the rattles and distortion products are not…)

  4. Wait until a cold morning. He'll have no windows (assuming his car doesn't fall apart before then. My brother watched a kid on campus start his car on a rather chilly (about 20 degrees F) morning and proceed to blast his music like he did every morning. The kid lost three windows, including the rear windscreen. They just shattered as though someone smashed them with a rock. My brother said if he hadn't witnessed it, he probably wouldn't have believed it was possible.

  5. And that's not even close to world record car sound system levels… 181.1dB… human lethal is about 200dB(primarily from lung damage). This is several times worse(every 10dB is a doubling in volume) than standing next to a boeing 747 with engines at full throttle. It's also going to make you deaf pretty quick, eardrums rupture much earlier.

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