1. Yeah, I had a day like that on a hi-lo once…only it was a pallet loaded with torque converters and most of the company's managerial staff on the other side of the shelving racks where I was trying to spot them.
    Oh well…No one got hurt and I was getting bored on that hi-lo anyway.

  2. Ohhh, below average in headwork there… No spotter, and overconfident in his 'abilities' to get the job done…

  3. Jeryk sez: Actually- having plenty of experience in forklift operation…
    This video has bigger issue.
    Yes- dude blows the loadout. Stupid.
    BUT WAIT- What fluid product would be loaded WITHOUT A LID?
    Go back and look- the bump does not damage the bin-just tips and then spill is from lidless rear. From there- is all downhill…
    Wonder who screwed that lid detail up… mystery… 🙂
    I do hope that was food grade something and not aggressive chemical-harsh lesson!

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