Doofus Of The Day #781

This award isn’t just about doofidity – it’s about wilful blindness and ignorance so great as to almost defy belief, a genuinely “WTF???” moment.

It seems there really is a movement calling itself – I kid you not – ‘Gay Aryan National-Socialists’ . . . in Russia.  I learned about it from this comment to a post at Mad Genius Club, where I’m also a guest blogger from time to time.  The logo of the movement is so indecent I’m not going to post it here, but if you want to take a look, the subculture is portrayed in all its sickness in an interview hosted by Vice.  I’m not going to post excerpts, because few are printable, but the interview has been brilliantly fisked by jordan179 on his Livejournal.  Worthwhile and sometimes very funny reading.

What bugs me is the fact that Hitler and the Nazis sent hundreds of thousands of homosexuals to concentration camps, where many were executed and many more worked to death as slave labor.  Also, what they did to the Soviet Union during World War II defies description – certainly amongst the most horrific atrocities of all time.  For Russian gay men to adopt Nazi-like ideology and symbolism is just . . . words fail me.

I can only confer an immediate Doofus award upon any and all members of such groups – and a dunce cap as a bonus!



  1. It's not unheard of in Nazidom. Look up Ernst Röhm. Yes, he was killed, but not because he was gay.

    But, mostly, Nazis are whatever they want to be at the moment. Likewise with the KKK, whose "traditions" are based more on an old movie than the actual Confederacy.

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