1. The left side of the bell curve goes a lot further out than you'd like to know.

    I had a student a while back that didn't know pork came from pigs… or veal from calves, etc. The origin of meat was a mystery to her.

    She was in 10th grade.

  2. Rolf,

    I once inadvertently triggered a full-out tears and bawling breakdown by telling a college sophomore that beef came from moo-cows.

    "Cooking" to her was what "sticking the prepackaged food in the microwave" is to the rest of us. She was a "good cook" because she never burned the popcorn.

    It was a learning experience for both of us, and I'm not sure who walked out of that kitchen more emotionally scarred. But she did learn to boil eggs and make spaghetti before we parted company.

  3. shhhhhh….. (chickens eat grass) At least mine do. Not exclusively, but they do.

    You do have to be careful if you have too many chicks nurse on their mom. Usually only 6-8 can successfully nurse a full grown hen.

  4. I was working the counter once and had a woman ask where our smoked salmon came from. I told her something to the effect of "Variety A is farm-raised, while Varieties B and C are wild caught." She got this confused look on her face and asked what wild caught meant. I explained that they were caught off the coast of Nova Scotia. You could see the gears in her head start to strip and grind. She was absolutely not getting it. So I helpfully added, "by fishermen." That's when it clicked. Confusion changed to horror as she asked, "You mean that was a real, live fish!" I responded in the affirmative. She turned green (seriously), yelled, "YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!", then sprinted away from the counter, hands clamped over her mouth, I'm guessing to find either a toilet or bathroom to lose her lunch in.

    I should probably mention that she was in her late 20s at the very least. Probably more like mid-30s.

  5. I once worked with a graduate of the L.A. public school system who was absolutely amazed to find out that dogs have sex, too. "OMG! You're joking, right? Get out of here! No way! Wait… You're not joking? Dogs have sex? REALLY?!" It took a little while for the rest of us to absorb the fact that she wasn't joking. O_o

  6. In some ways, this doesn't surprise me. People in the West seem to be increasingly removed, physically and intellectually, from the reality of where we get the things we need, including our food.

  7. Hey, RM, most westerners aren't that brain-dead! It tends to be the fruits and nuts the famous gardens of Academe grow in Kali. As a native prune-picker, I long for the sweet light of Freedom to return to my home state. Hoping I live long enough to see it.

  8. Like StRxxx post above, our chickens WILL eat various greens from our yard, I take a handfilled or hand pulls along with the hen scratch / egg mash mix and they love it. I don't know about real lawn grass but the weeds in our backyard – heck yeah !

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