Doofus Of The Day #822

Today’s award goes to a British motorist and animal lover who was the cause of her own vehicle’s downfall.  A tip o’ the hat to reader Murray C. for sending me the link.

For UK mechanic David Evans it was definitely not a hard nut to crack. A client called his shop in Poole Keynes complaining that her Honda Civic wouldn’t accelerate past 60 km/h. When he popped the hood and removed the air filter he found the engine was full of nuts.

“We brought her the bag of nuts and told her, ‘This is the problem with your car.’ She was gobsmacked.”

Evans says the driver recognized the nuts. They were the same ones she was leaving out for animals in her back garden.

Evans used a vacuum at his shop to suck the nuts out of the engine. He ended up filling a grocery bag with the squirrel’s quarry.

There’s more at the link.

So she put out for the squirrels both the nuts they eat, and the nooks and crannies they needed to store them.  Sounds like a true animal lover to me!

(Good thing she wasn’t in Africa, and putting out elephant food . . . )



  1. Not uncommon in northern New England.

    For some reason, the squirrels used to love the heating system of my old Corolla. They used to fill the "squirrel cage" fan with acorns every fall.

    Each year, one morning, I'd start the car, and drive away to the mellifluous sounds of high-speed impacts under the dashboard.

    Luckily, the vent fan on a '98 Corolla is accessible from the passenger footwell.

    They did the same thing to her Geo Tracker too …

    Perhaps that's why my ex-wife was so insistent on cutting down that lovely oak in the back yard. To be fair to her, there have been no acorn problems since.

  2. Had some critters fill every nook and cranny in my buddy's Jeep with dry spaghetti one time.

    Spooky thing is we never figured out where they got the spaghetti. We weren't missing any.

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