Doofus Of The Day #834

Today’s award goes to three messy-eater thieves in New York.

Police in Livingston County N.Y. report they were able to find three men who allegedly burglarized a restaurant in Mt. Morris Sunday morning because they left a trail of macaroni salad they were apparently eating during their escape into the woods.

But unlike the children’s fairy tale the pasta, mayonnaise and vegetable combo remained on the ground and led to their quick arrest.

These three stooges were very sloppy as they left a trail of the salad along with pieces of other stolen items including a cash register, loose change, surveillance equipment and a glove, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Officers who arrived at Build A Burger & Ice Cream at 6:30 a.m. quickly spotted the debris at the Greenway Trail, a nature walk that leads to a wooded area behind the eatery. The officers followed the path of evidence which eventually led to the arrest of the three suspects by Sunday afternoon, police said.

There’s more at the link.

Their criminal ‘salad days‘, perhaps?


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