Doofus Of The Day #882

Today’s award goes to the municipal government of Cádiz in Spain.

A Spanish civil servant who failed to turn up for work for six years was only discovered when he was considered for an award for loyal service.

Former public employee Joaquín García, who was still collecting his annual €37,000 [about US $41,500] salary, was on Friday ordered by Cádiz city hall to pay €27,000 [about US $30,000] in compensation.

He had been sent by the city council to oversee the building of a waste-water treatment plant in the southwestern city but records show that Mr García had not turned up for work since 2004.

Mr García responded by filing his own complaint with city hall demanding that councillor José Blas Fernández, in charge of personnel at the time, be disciplined for negligence for failing to notice his absence.

Mr García argued that if it is true that he was absent during all of that time, “it was up to Mr Fernández to make sure that this did not happen”.

There’s more at the link.

Ignoring for the moment Mr. Garcia’s chutzpah in counter-complaining, he is, of course, quite correct.  The municipality should have kept better track of its workers, and should certainly have noticed that for six years it had been paying Mr. Garcia to do nothing at all – not even show up for work.  One wonders how many more municipal employees in Cadiz were (and possibly still are) getting away with the same thing.

My next question is:  Where can I find a job like that?



  1. The EPA. Just tell them you're a deep cover agent with the CIA so you'll need to be out on "field assignments" a lot.

    It's been done and it works.

  2. We had a CIO in a government agency that showed up once every two weeks, we never saw or heard from him otherwise. His mom was a mover and shaker in the D party. A supervisor below him (and above us) was an alcoholic who usually managed to roll in at 9:30-10AM, and left by 1PM, his DT's would start to be obvious at that time. The other supervisor ran his 'side' business at work – he'd be working, just not for the department.

    Gravy trains do come to an end, eventually. A new director who wasn't politically beholden got in and cleaned house.

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