1. Looks like a "Dukes of Hazzard Co." move to me…. I imagine waking up after impact was….. exhilarating?

  2. What is the object seen falling away from the car to the left, as it passes apogee? Car comes to a stop rather quickly, especially considering the pavement is wet.

  3. Rear bumper caught on a curb when he hit the central portion. If you click on the "gear" icon, you can choose to watch at 1/4 speed…

  4. That is, indeed, the entire rear bumper with fascia – the bottom-right edge hooked onto the curb-stone upper facing of the roundabout's central mound, and the entire bumper-and-fascia assemblage was yanked nearly-free, pivoting to the car's left and parting entirely from the car when it landed in the big puddle, just before it came to a fairly-sudden halt…

    Remarkable! I rather-seriously doubt that a deliberate run by an actual stunt-driver could have done any better! Driver's incredibly lucky – that could easily have ended much, much worse for him/her.

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