Doofus Of The Day #910

I should perhaps have titled this ‘Boys And Their Toys #whatever’;  but he’s definitely a doofus, too, so I guess this will do!

I’m just glad the glass didn’t shatter and cut him to ribbons . . .



  1. Testosterone filled males around? Check.
    Presence of attractive females in scanty attire? At least two.
    Availability of items to prove manhood in front of said females? Oh yeah.

    Only thing missing is a "Bro, hold my beer and watch this."

  2. Clearly that video is misnamed. The escalator part was a great success. Avoiding glass wall on subway platform, not so much.

  3. I just watched a russian video of a guy in a jet practicing his landing, taxiing and take-offs three times through, trying to figure out what he was doing wrong. You've got the wrong video on the main page, I think. =P

  4. Come on, it's the journey that's important, not the termination of it. Or something like that.

    A defining characteristic of inebriation is being able to focus only on one factor at a time. Which, of course, simply means the future doesn't exist, if you can't plan for it.

  5. Ann.:
    You're absolutely right. Going down the up escalator to see how long a trip you could turn it in to would have been much better.

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