Doofus Of The Day #930

A tip o’ the hat to several readers who sent me the link to this video.

This welder had clearly never heard of dynamic tension – at least, not in a steel pipe.  Note (early in the video) the excavator bucket holding down one side of the pipe he’s cutting.  As he’s about to find out . . . there’s a reason for that.




  1. I don't know why you would call that dynamic tension. That's not a term I've heard in my Engineering career. Fortunately, the pipe didn't throw him much, but I'm sure he had to change his drawers soon after.

    Perhaps next time, he'll give a bit of thought cutting a pipe when it's cantilevered like that. He actually needed to support the section he was cutting off, rather than holding it down.

  2. I'm actually kind of impressed. He didn't drop his torch, and the first thing he did was cut off the gas, before he even got to his feet.

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