Doofus Of The Day #953

Today’s award goes to a hapless diner in Connecticut.

A Connecticut man said he was reaching for his wallet to pay his restaurant bill when he shot himself in the buttocks Friday night.

Police said Michael Southmayd, 56, of Bridgeport … was … dining with his family … when he said he reached for his wallet and somehow pulled his firearm from the holster and shot himself. They bullet was lodged in the floor, and the casing stuck in the gun.

There’s more at the link.

Clearly, he was ass-king for it . . .



  1. It would be 'interesting' to know the type of gun, holster and where he carried it. A good weapon in a quality holster should prevent 'accidents' such as this but then again, there is always room for operator error.

  2. I'd like to know what kind of gun/holster feels like a leather wallet. Those must be odd grips, or a lot floppier holster leather than the stuff I'm familiar with.


  3. Gun pulled from holster. Trigger pulled. Wallets don't feel like pistols, in my experience. If the nerve damage is that bad, why are you packing? No sympathy….

  4. Perhaps it was a wallet holster. Some states only allow badge holders to use that type, since it can be fired without removing it, making it a disguised gun. Guns that don't look like a traditional gun when fired, or disguised to resemble another object while being operable, are generally not legal for the "unwashed masses".

    The report that diners thought it was a dropped dish, lends itself to this, since pistols for wallet holsters are usually small caliber, like .25 or .32 autos. Brass still contained means it was fired inside his pocket, most likely.

    Two charges in one: illegal holster and negligent discharge in public.

  5. What makes you think he was using a holster at all? I had a friend many years who used to carry a small, flat .25 Colt Pocket Pistol in her back pocket. She shot herself through the buttocks one night getting into a car. This sounds very similar.


  6. Two things, don't carry a gun shaped wallet.

    But the wise person does not carry their wallet with their ID and the carry permit in an area of the body where they have to move their hand near their firearm to retrieve them.

    What pray tell would he do if asked to produce id by an officer without first notifying the officer of the gun and being disarmed? Good way to get shot

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