Drink this stuff at your peril!

It seems that a European brewery has a problem on its hands. The Daily Mail reports:

Lager giant Stella Artois has recalled three batches of its new cider drink after customers reported the bottles were EXPLODING without warning.

Drinkers have been urged to put on gloves and protective goggles before handling the 568ml bottles of Stella Artois Cidre.

And if they discover their bottles are from the affected batches they must dial an emergency hotline immediately to arrange for them to be collected.

InBev UK, which brews and markets Stella Artois Cidre, said two customers had already been injured by a bottle which had ‘burst unexpectedly’.

. . .

‘Do not consume or handle the product further,’ she warned.

There’s more at the link.

“Do not consume or handle the product further”. Do they really need to issue that warning? I mean . . . if you told me my cider was liable to explode in my hand (not to mention my belly), I certainly wouldn’t drink any more of the darn stuff! Clearly, English cider drinkers have stronger constitutions (and thicker heads) than mine!



  1. I've lived in the UK and Ireland on-and-off for almost 20 years and I cannot see how anyone can stomach cider drinks (the alcoholic type).

    All it does is give me plenty of gas and lots of the "runs".

  2. It's not likely to explode in your belly. I presume they overcharged the bottles with yeast.

    Some friends of mine made root beer the old fashioned way a while back, and had this problem.

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