Dueling noncoms?

I had to laugh at a comparison between Sergeants-Major and Master Gunnery Sergeants (both grade E-9, the highest enlisted grade) in the US Marine Corps.  Here are a couple of examples.

MGySgt 3.  If you ever find yourself in the MGySgt’s office, there is a good chance you’ll be able to sit down and talk shop with a ready-made  cup of hot Joe and get a strong hand shake on the way out.
SgtMaj 3.  If you ever find yourself in the SgtMaj’s office, it’s very likely you won’t be able to sit down at all because of all of the “I love me” stuff and you won’t have time for a cup of coffee because you’ll be too busy making sure every sentence ends in SgtMaj.  On the way out he’ll make sure and remind you about your duty on Christmas day.

MGySgt 4.  If you run in to the MGySgt at the club, he’ll probably be a half-a-beer away from smacking up some lieutenant and about 3 chicken wings away from a heart attack.  He’ll gladly invite (order) you to come over and drink a beer with him while he tells you how shit hot of a Marine you are (can you drive him home).
SgtMaj 4.  If you run in to the SgtMaj at the club, he’ll probably be drinking a watered-down Pepsi and eating unsalted popcorn because his body is a temple.  He wouldn’t think of inviting you over because he is with his fellow 9999s and you just wouldn’t understand.  On the way out the door he counsels you on saying the f-word too much and reminds you about duty tomorrow.

There are lots more at the link.  Three friends (two NCO’s, one officer) in the Marine Corps told me (after they stopped laughing) that they thought the comparisons were pretty accurate.



  1. I lived outside Camp Pendleton for almost 20 years and knew several active and retired MGySgts. I never met a SgtMag active or retired. It'd be interesting to understand why that is/was.

    I'll have to forward this list to one now retired MGySgt.

  2. Had one SgtMaj who was known {very UNaffectionately} as Morocco Mole – he liked to play Secret Squirrel games, to try to "catch" folks ……………….. fortunately, I had another who was an absolute prince, although he DID have a story that put me off sauerkraut forever ……………… 😉

    Semper Fi'

  3. Regimental Sergeant Major Hoyland was the NCO who ran our school Combined Cadet Force……a barrel-chested celt wiyh a broad westcountry burr who'd scream "why're yer arms folded, laad…yer tits 'bout to faaall orf?"

  4. Ex-Marine here – Sounds about right. Part of the ASVAB must check sense of humor to determine career path.

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