1. Bravo!

    I'd watch a series like that just for the yuks and chucks.

    And Daisy ain't my cousin, so I'm-a thinkin' the same thing.


  2. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    They left the name of the car as the "General Lee," a man who fought to keep slavery.

    After the makers of this horrible racist video have apologized to everyone offended by this blatant display of White Privilege (without even a trigger warning!) they need to rename the car something more reflective of our cultural diversity. The "Harvey Milk" would match the new flag, but if the boys insist on a southerner, the "Harriet Tubman" or "Rosa Parks" would be much more sensitive to multicultural viewers.

    (And just because it's impossible to write something so over the top that someone out there isn't writing the same thing in all seriousness…)


  3. As a Southerner, I'm offended by the portrayal of my people as cousin-dating rednecks. Like most Southerners, I never dated my cousins. Also like most Southerners, I fucked a few of them, I just never took them anywhere.


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