Dumber than a bag of hammers . . .

. . . but I supposed he enjoyed his moment of fame.

I can’t help wondering whether a broken leg or two might have cured his stupidity, but I suppose not.  At least that was in Russia, not the USA.  Over here, he’d sue the train company for cutting short his journey without warning or compensation!



  1. From the train POV, it looked like he might have hit his head on a rail when he fell. I'll bet he never considered that as a high threat possibility.

  2. Just another version of motorized skijoring, I've done it behind a snowmobile and a Bv-206 (SUSV) but never so fast. I'm surprised he was able to stay on that long.

  3. This is just nuts. Especially in a heavily used line like that one where the next train could be only a few minutes away.

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