Feeling unsteady on your feet?

I’ve just learned that it may be for reasons other than your balance.  According to Science World Report:

Researchers from the University of Leeds revealed that  the Earth’s center spins at a faster pace in an eastward direction while the outer core, which is made up of molten iron, spins at a slower pace in a westward direction. This study is the first to link the way the inner core spins to the behavior of the outer core.

“The link is simply explained in terms of equal and opposite action”, explained Dr Philip Livermore, of the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. “The magnetic field pushes eastwards on the inner core, causing it to spin faster than the Earth, but it also pushes in the opposite direction in the liquid outer core, which creates a westward motion.”

There’s more at the link.

So the Earth’s inner core revolves one way, the outer core revolves the opposite way, and the surface of the planet revolves in the same direction as the inner core – but at a different speed.

Confused yet?  (Not to mention unbalanced!)


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