Filipino puns

An online acquaintance and author, who writes under the pen name ‘Shadowdancer’ on various blogs and forums, has put up a fun discussion about puns about food and restaurants in the Philippines.  Not being averse to the occasional pun here and there, I found it very entertaining.  Seeing how puns work in foreign languages is always interesting.  Here’s an excerpt.

Some of these are easy to understand if you’ve been exposed to the accent of English-speaking Filipinos, while some will need translating, so bear with me when I have to explain the jokes.

Bun of Brothers – a burger place. Do they break bread with strangers too, I wonder?

Nacho Fast  – a snack stall shop pulling fast ones! How cheesy, natcherally.

OBEERTIME  – what you need, clearly, after too much overtime.

PorkBarrel Grill and Restaurant  – do we have senators and governors visiting here frequently?

You Food – (burp)cast yourself  – … From the Net and back again…

Adobo Putoshop  – groooooooooooooooan Adobo, which is a Filipino stew, and puto – steamed rice cakes

Hijo de Pita – makes sense if you know a little Spanish.

There’s more at the link.  You’ll find Shadowdancer’s books listed here.


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