For those who died in Brussels this morning

May their souls rest in peace, and may those they leave behind find what comfort they may.

And may the foul fiends who planned and carried out the attacks be brought to justice.



  1. My condolences to the affected friends and family as well. I'm guessing the terrorists fast forwarded their plans once the 'head Pooba' of the terrorist group was captured. They may have figured that arrest was imminent and may as well accomplish their plans.

    That is just my guess. Europe has really become a much more violent location to live.

  2. As i have said on so many occasions "Would'nt the world be a so much nicer place to live without Islam".

  3. Agreed – sad and angry that it happened.

    I don't mean so seem insensitive, but it was really only a matter of time, and there had to have been some expectation that such a thing would happen after the capture of one of their number.

    As I understand it, one of the bombs was set off in an area of the airport prior to the security checks. I'm just surprised that something like that hasn't happened previously, as large crowds packed into small areas would be a prime, easy target for any number of possible scenarios. As for security – the airport is full of people dragging large suitcases.

  4. Good thing I'll never be president. Mecca and the Dome of the Rock would have been destroyed after 9/11 if I'd been in the White House.

    As it is, if Islam keeps this up, sooner or later the world will turn on them, ALL of them…and the blood bath will be awful.

    I know, I know…Christianity had it's bloody phase. But I like to think the printing of Bibles for the masses taught the masses that the Holy Wars were wrong. Jesus had His stern side, but killing those who refused to convert wasn't part of it!!!

  5. My only disagreement with you thoughts is the phrase "brought to justice", I think it overused, misused and becoming irrelevant. I could care less about bringing terrorist to justice, I just want them dead. Preferably before their acts, but if neccesary after, and them bury them in pigskin. We need to use every weapon we can against them, including their own religion.

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