Freeway racing in Brazil

Via e-mail today I received the link to this video of two motorbikes – a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R and a Suzuki GSXR1000 – and an Audi R8 sports car, duking it out on the freeways in Brazil.  I can only render devout thanks that I wasn’t on the road with them!  Watch it in full-screen mode for the full effect.

Sheesh . . . !  Those are the sort of idiots who give other drivers of performance cars and motorcycles a bad name.



  1. The posted speed was 60 KMPH (about 37 MPH) which is stupidly low, default is 80 KMPH (50 MPH)in most places.

    They reached 260 KMPH (161 MPH)

  2. I was impressed by the quality of the highway, no patches no bumps, no pot holes, in much better condition than many of our highways around Dallas, and the number of modern cars travelling on it.

    Not to mention the rich playboy attitude of the driver and passengers.

    Perhaps Brazil is not as backwards as they would have us believe.

  3. Not serious riders. Not dressed like that.

    The car driver seemed to have a better grasp of needing to look ahead as far as possible.
    The bikers appear to have never diced with a high performance car before, since they constantly position themselves in front of the car when changing lanes. Good way to get punted into the scenery.

  4. I wondered if it were choreographed, since not one car seemed to move out of its lane to cut them off, whether accidentally or not

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