Gratuitous self-torture – male edition

Back in 2008 I put up an article titled ‘Gratuitous self-torture, caught on video‘.  It contained this video showing women experiencing their first Brazilian wax.  (No naughty bits are on display, but the reactions are hilarious!)

Now I’ve come across this video of men undergoing the same procedure.  I have no idea why men would choose to do so, but I suppose it’s their call.  (Some of them call very loudly indeed!)

No, thank you.  Mrs. Grant’s little boy is going to keep his hairy nadgers as far away as possible from hot wax!



  1. Well, I'm married to a Brazilian, and the wax is just part of the way things are for the ladies. Not having ever used a razor, even once in her life, my wife has delightfully smooth skin, though, to be fair, once every 15 days, when she gets the wax, she's pretty grumpy and I sometimes hear what I suspect are un-ladylike words when she sits down on the sofa or in a chair a little too fast.

    But no, no friggin' way am I ever going to try it.

    Also, at the beach, even after all these years in the US, my wife still giggles and makes a yuck face when she sees an American lady doing what she calls 'smuggling Chewbacca' in a two piece.

  2. As hairy as I am, I'd look really funny unless I did my whole body and I live with enough pain as it is without adding THIS nonsense to it!

  3. Well now.

    The hotel I stayed at in London this week was ground zero for hipster douchebags. Wouldn't be surprised to find out that more than one of them had done this …

    Damn kids these days! 😉

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