Grease is the word?

This has to be one of the more unusual reasons for road resurfacing that I’ve ever encountered.

A section of motorway in France has been closed because it has been judged too dangerous. The reason: 20 tonnes of slippery mayonnaise that officials say is a recipe for disaster.

Traffic on the A11 motorway in western France will remain clogged until at least Thursday after a lorry transporting 20 tonnes of mayonnaise caught fire.

While firefighters managed to put out the fire after two hours, the mayonnaise spread across the surface and made the tarmac highly slippery.

Experts who visited the scene at Chapelle-d’Aligne, in between Le Mans and Angers, say cleaning the road won’t be enough and that a section of tarmac will have to be redone due to the risk caused by the greasy spread.

There’s more at the link.

If mayonnaise does that to bitumen, what’s it doing to my internal organs when I eat it?  And will adding hot sauce make it worse?



  1. A liquid solution containing a modest amount of alcohol would seem to be called for.
    A couple of beers should leave those internals squeaky clean.

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