Great picture!

Lockheed Martin has released this lovely picture of an F-35A refueling from a KC-135 tanker aircraft.  I’ve reduced its size to fit this blog, and flipped it horizontally from its original vertical orientation.

The original image is huge (over 4,000 pixels tall – follow the link and left-click the image to select the size you’d like to view).  I’ve saved it in horizontal orientation to use as wallpaper on my computer.  Looks great!  If you want to do the same, copy the image in the size you want, paste it into Paint or any other photo editing program, and rotate it there before saving it.

There are many more photographs on Lockheed Martin’s Flickr photostream.  Recommended viewing.



  1. Talk about ¬®living up to¬®… how about a 50 year old tanker!?!

    (How many 707s do we see these days?)

  2. My dad was a KC-135 pilot through Vietnam and many years after. It was only after he had been retired for about 20 years when I learned just how dangerous those planes could be.

    His response? "Yeah, I guess it was a little risky sometimes, huh?"

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