Gull versus octopus

The Telegraph’s ‘Pictures Of The Day’ feature is always interesting and worthwhile viewing.  In yesterday’s gallery the newspaper included this wonderful photograph of a seagull catching an octopus.  (Click it for a larger view.)

The caption reads:

A hungry gull took on the challenge of catching and killing an octopus in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands Reserve in Huntington Beach, Southern California. The octopus defended itself by wrapping his long tentacles around the seagull’s beak. After an intense fight, the gull finally succeeded in subduing the octopus and after a few more prods with its beak was able to lift its meal out of the water.

There are many more images at the link.  Worthwhile viewing every day at the Telegraph’s Web site.  Scroll down until you find the ‘Pictures Of The Day’ link.


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