He might want to rethink this idea . . .

I note with interest that the Sergeant-Major of the Army (the most senior NCO in the US Army) is considering letting soldiers offer suggestions concerning a point of some . . . sensitivity.

When the Army reversed its much-hated tattoo policy, many cheered Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey, who was a driving force behind the decision.

“Soldiers show me their new tattoos now,” Dailey told Army Times.

But Dailey, who became the Army’s top senior enlisted soldier on Jan. 30, doesn’t have any ink of his own — for now.

Your SMA has recently given some serious thought about getting a tattoo, and he had an inspired idea:

What if he asked soldiers to pick some ideas for a tattoo, and then put the best up for an Army-wide vote?

“I’m a big morale guy. I’m a positive person,” Dailey said. “We’re always trying to raise morale, so I said one day, ‘let’s set up a website and the soldiers get to pick my tattoo, they vote on it.’ Could you imagine?”

There’s more at the link.

Er . . . I was in the Army (not the US Army, but soldiers are much the same the world over).  I know the sense of humor that appears to be almost universal among military men.  It’s raunchy, raucous, ribald and uninhibited.  I don’t even want to guess at the suggestions currently being debated in barracks around the country!



  1. You have to admit what fun it would be to see submitted suggestions. An old submarine sailor here, would be delighted to be a judge!

  2. Seems to me I remember a military adage about putting things to a vote. Something about how the armay isn't a democracy and a military leader, while he may listen to suggestions, never puts anything to a vote. In fact there was a senior officer cahsiered from the navy for allowing the crew to vote on which liberty port the ship docked in

  3. I'm more interested in where they want it that what they want. $10 says it would be an expandable tattoo.

    stay safe.

  4. If your aide says, "what could go wrong?" when you float the idea, it is a bad one.

    Just sayin'…

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