He probably needed a beer after that . . .

A man identified only as ‘Mr. Rob from Holland’ recently attempted to set a new world record by carrying 22 one-liter beer steins (full, of course). He had to lift them by their handles, not using a tray. Here’s how it went.

A liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds, so 22 liters of beer would weigh 48.4 pounds. From the sound as they fell, the steins were plastic, not glass; and according to Amazon.com, a one-liter plastic beer stein like this one, similar to those pictured in the video clip, weighs 0.6 pounds. That would make the combined weight of the steins and the beer 61.6 pounds. They’d be awkward to carry, too, having to grasp all those handles in only two hands, so perhaps it’s no wonder he didn’t succeed.

Still, what a terrible waste of beer . . .



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